Computer Network Architecture and Network Management

Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics (MIRI)

Computer Architecture Department

MIRI (General Information)
MIRI: Specialization on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
MIRI: Computer Network Architecture and Network Management


Jordi Domingo-Pascual
(Office: Campus Nord D6-209)
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Fall 2020
Schedule:    Monday (10:00-12:00) and Thursday (10:00-12:00)
Classroom:  Monday A6-103, Thursday A6-206


GradingSlides - Papers (Discussion Sessions) - Course Projects

Outline of the course

The goal of this course is to give a background in computer networks mechanisms and basic concepts used in the design of protocols and network architectures. These mechanisms include any of the protocol stack layers and a wide range of technologies either for wired networks or for wireless networks. The course includes transmission and switching, wireless communications and through shared medium, mechanisms and algorithms for routing, network architecture and networking, resource management (congestion control, queue management, quality of service), and network services.



1. Evolution of the Network Architecture
Internet Design Principles. Key protocols and their evolution. Internet structure, Exchange Points. Economic relationships among stakeholders.


2. Trends in the Evolution of the Network Architecture
Naming and Addressing. Addressing and Routing. Mobility. New Network Architectures.


3. Routing and Inter-Networking
Routing Algorithms. Classless Inter-domain Routing. Inter-domain Routing. IDR. BGP. IBGP. BGP attributes. Scalability of BGP.


4. Transport Network (Backbone)
Optical Transport Network. IP over SDH. IP over WDM/ASON. IP over WDM/Gigabit Ethernet. MPLS. From MPLS to GMPLS.


5. New Network and Transport Protocols
IPv6. IPv4-IPv6 coexistence. Mobile IP. IP Multicast. Other IP protocols (HIP). Multipath TCP. Other Transport protocols (QUIC).


6. Resource Management
Quality of Service principles. Quality of Service and Quality of Experience (QoS and QoE). Integrated Services Architecture. Differentiated Services Architecture.


7. 5G Network Architecture
Framework for 5G networks. Core, edge and access networks. Virtualization technologies (NFV). Software Defined Networks (SDN). Orchestration and management. Slicing.





The evaluation of the course includes not only the knowledge acquired by the students in the topics of the course but their level of participation in the sessions.


Grading includes the following aspects:

Midterms / Assignments (25%)
Workshops, Case Study and Discussion Sessions (25%)
Active participation and Attendance (10%)
Technical Report: Talk and final presentation (40%)





The slides will be distributed via Racó (Intranet).



Discussion Sessions


The papers for reading will be available in the Racó (Intranet) using the “Practicals” tab.


Submit your contribution before 23:59 of the day before the scheduled discussion using the template provided.
Submit a pdf file via Racó (Intranet) including your name in the filename.



Presentation of the Course Projects

The schedule will be announced in the Racó (Intranet).



Course Project:

The goal of the presentations is to broaden the contents of the course. Presentations are part of the contents of the course.

The Course Project consists of a 30 minutes presentation (maximum). This means that after the talk we have 5-10 minutes for comments and questions.


Include “notes” for each slide using “note pages” (PowerPoint).

If you prefer, instead of using notes for each slide you may write a short paper as a collection of notes for each slide (about 6 pages long).

Please, use the provided template (PPT) or build a similar one with another application.


As the Course Project has a limited scope, you may choose a particular aspect of one topic.

It is important to consider that the presentation must complement the lectures; please, avoid repeating explanations and topics that had been covered already.

If you are interested in a given topic that is not listed, please contact me.

A list of suggested topics will be announced via Racó.